Is there a free place?

Yes, for then next school year we have available place.

What are the group size(s)?

We work with two groups, which would allow us to care for seven-seven toddlers in both groups respectively. However, for higher quality care we decided to limit our overall capacity at 12 children. Play and other activities happen in two different rooms, but the groups are not fully separated.

How many nannies are looking after your toddler and what education they have?

In each group there are two nannies. Our competences are: Infant and Early Childhood Educator, Special Education Teacher Assistant, Kindergarten Teacher and Family Daycare Leader.

What about food?

We serve food – depending on the type of care – three or four times a day. The food is prepared by a company specialising in kids foods. Special menus due to food allergy is available.

Dedicated garden or shared playground?

It is hard to find a place with a garden in this part of XI. district. Sadly, this is true for us as well. Luckily though, there are three playgrounds in short walking distance. Therefore, we have 45 minutes long, open space activities in our daily schedule – starting at 11AM, every day. Not having dedicated garden might be seen as a downside to some. However, we see it as a chance to teach our kids how to safely use toys and behave on playgrounds. 

We are commuting by car, where can I park?

We have three reserved parking spaces, free of charge, just next to our daycare.

What are the steps of enrolling and contracting?

As a first step, we usually ask all applicants to visit us in person, as well as two other institutions to see which fits best to the child’s and family’s needs. 

  • Once a mutually positive decision is made, 
  • We send out a form, to collect data, which is necessary for writing up a contract, Then,
  • We send the contract to Parents for signing. We offer a fix-term contract, which – independently from start date – always ends on the 31st of August of the given school year.
  • After receiving a signed contract, we send:
    • a “registration fee” invoice. The fee is composed of two parts:
      • Deposit. It will be credited back on the last two months – July and August – of the fixed-period contract. Amount: double the price of selected care package.
      • A non refundable part to cover things like: a toothbrush, toothpaste, sheet, bedding – as well as cleaning and replacing these items. Amount: half the monthly price of select care page.
    • Transition plan.
  • Coordinate the start date and we wait for you.